DIY Oprah Chai Latte

As a big starbucks, and a big Chai person, I was so excited when they released their new chai lattes!  And even more excited when they started selling the leaves on it’s own.  I swear for a month straight I was drinking a cup every morning!  But now that it’s winter, I wanted something a little cozier, and a little more luxurious , so I decided to make a latte out of it!  It’s super easy, and all you need is chai, some sugar (my favorite is brown), and some milk.



All you have to do is bring your water to a boil (about 2 cups), and add tbs of the tea, and let it steep for about 5 minutes


Once the tea is a dark colour, add your milk and sugar to taste.  I added about 1/4 a cup of milk to mine, and a few chunks of brown sugar and let it steep some more!


When you’ve deemed it ready, pour it over your favorite mug through a steeper, and voila!

20141012_234744000_iOS 20141012_234822000_iOS





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