Formula X

When I was taking classes downtown, I would go into sephora every few days and paint my nails.  It was nice having such a huge selection of polishes to chose from, without having to pay.  I couldn’t afford to buy nail polishes, and I figured that if anyone had a problem with it, they would tell me.  While I was doing that, I fell completely in love with the Sephora formula X.  This Nail polish is seriously the best formula I’ve ever used!  I cant remember exactly how many days it would last on my fingers, but I remember I would go almost 5 days without any substantial chipping!

The other day when I was with my mom doing some shopping,  we popped in to sephora, and she picked up one of the formula x polishes.  When I first saw the colour she chose, I was ambivalent but I put a few coats on last night and I’m in love!  I feel like it’s the perfect barbie pink!  Even though it’s fall, and the typical nail colour that I gravitate towards is the ox blood/maroon/dark red, but I don’t’ care! I’m in love with this polish!





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