Getting Friendly with Scarves

I’ve been listening to 1989 (which I love!  I’ll have my full thoughts published in a week from now!)  on repeat all day, and it’s now 11:31 and I’m totally stressed about my hsci exam tomorrow morning.  So I’m talking a little break to type up this blog post!

Today I was at work for 8 hours, so I wanted to stay comfy and super casual.


I haven’t been wearing a lot of scarves lately, and I wanted to get back into them!  I’m kind of scared of accessorizing with them, to be honest!   I never know how to wear them!  Today I wore this colourful one from Old Navy with my white quilted vest and a dark grey long sleeve top for a pop of colour without being to out there.  But I wore it in a more loose ‘letting go’, sort of way. Thoughts?  I really liked the way it felt/looked!  Made me feel like a weird, but perfect, mix of casual and dressed up!


Ps. Bear with me while I try to sort out my outfit photos!  I’m trying to figure it out!



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