Student Hack – Late Night Makeup Remover

As a student I find myself sitting at my desk until 3am finishing assignments or cramming for exams, and one thing that I really don’t want to deal with at 3am is taking off my makeup. I like taking off my makeup earlier on because I tend to scratch and rub and just touch my face a lot when I’m working, and makeup gets in the way. But of course whenever I think I should take my makeup off, I’m in a super deep flow of concentration, so I put it off, because I don’t like getting up and disrupting the flow.  And bioderma is my solution to this problem.


Image from Cynthia Lions, found through pinterest

The other day, a friend of mine have me a mini bottle of bioderma that she picked up in Europe, and I had it sitting on my desk along with some cotton rounds that I had left over from taking off my makeup. And an amazing idea hit me – why don’t I use that to clean my face right now? It was so quick, and I love and trust bioderma enough to clean my face thoroughly enough to not have to go back and wash it again.

So long story short: I keep makeup wipes or toner or makeup remover on my desk at all times, because when you get caught up in all of the work it’s a real life saver.

This may not be that revolutionary to many of you, but little time saving tricks like this always come in handy at some point, and that’s why I love them!


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