Student Hack – Late Night Makeup Remover

As a student I find myself sitting at my desk until 3am finishing assignments or cramming for exams, and one thing that I really don’t want to deal with at 3am is taking off my makeup. I like taking off my makeup earlier on because I tend to scratch and rub and just touch my face a lot when I’m working, and makeup gets in the way. But of course whenever I think I should take my makeup off, I’m in a super deep flow of concentration, so I put it off, because I don’t like getting up and disrupting the flow.  And bioderma is my solution to this problem.


Image from Cynthia Lions, found through pinterest



The Fall Tag

I’m sitting here after my first class of the day (and my first exam of the day, hsci is going to kill me this semester), catching up on some blogs abd sitting and staring out at this terrible weather.  So of course, when I came across the Fall Tag, I felt like it was the perfect thing to do on this rainy, cold, and tired tuesday morning.

1. Ok we’re talking coffee’s – what’s your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I am a total coffee person, but this past year I’ve found a new love for mochas.  Mochas? Kill me now they’re so delicious.  Dark chocolate mochas, specifically.  Dark chocolate peppermint mochas?  Even better!  At my cafe, we make a really really good one.  If only it wasn’t a million calories, I could probably live off of them!  From Starbucks I’ve also been loving the PSL, of course.  But McDonalds also did a really good, and reasonably priced, pumpkin spiced latte too, and I kind of almost think it’s better than the Starbucks ones!   In addition to the PSL from Starbucks, I tried the salted caramel mocha for the first time the other week and OH. MY GOD. I don’t know when I let my sweet tooth take over my life, but I love it!


2.  Accessories – what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
Scarves? Check. Boots? Check.  Gloves? Check.
I did a post yesterday about wearing scarves, so duh, I love them!  And not just thin ones either. I have a few of the really huge chunky knit ones, and I live in them in the winter.  As for boots, I have two and a half pairs of riding boots (my last pair is about to bite the dust), and I’m looking at investing in a pair of hunters.  (For those of you who remember when I considered the red ones, I’ve decided on the blacks.  And if I really love them, and wear them all the time, I may consider getting a shorter pair of the reds next year!)  And gloves? yes. I need them.  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I go to school on a mountain and it’s friggen cold. I bought a pair of tech gloves from Old Navy last year and they’re amazing.  Being able to text, or change my spotify playlist without my fingers freezing off is wonderful!
3.  Music – what’s your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
The only time my music taste really changes according to season is in spring.  In spring I always listen to a lot of Noah and the Whale and The Mountain Goats.  As for right now, I’m listening to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie (Total throwback! I have no clue where this came from!), a lot of top 40, like Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran, and of course our girl Taylor!
4.  Perfume – what’s your favourite scent for this time of year?
Since I don’t have a sense of smell, I tend to avoid perfumes, and just stick with cheap body sprays, and I usually just spritz them on once I’m done at the gym.  I get the travel sizes at Bath and body works and throw them in my bag!
5.  Candles – what scents will you be burning this season?
Okay, even though I don’t have a sense of smell, I still love the ambiance of candles!  I actually just finished off two yesterday, a sweet cinnamon pumpkin and a coffee scented one.  Yup.  Coffee candles.  Can things get any  better?? (Well maybe they could, if I could smell.)
6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
I love that I can start layering more!  I can wear jeans and sweaters, and lounge around the house in slippers and flannels!  Also lighting candles and turning my fire place on is such a nice way to end the day!  And of course, don’t forget warm drinks.  Coffee and mochas and hot chocolate? Love it. Bring it on!
7.  Favourite makeup look?
I pretty much wear the same look all year long, but I just do more or less.  In the fall/winter, I wear a heavier foundation (just like the rest of the world!), right now I’m loving the Estee Lauder Double wear. I also contour, bronze and apply blush, which I don’t do in the summer months.  And Recently I’ve been putting more effort into my eye looks! I’ve started wearing eyeshadow again, and doing more than just my usual winged liner!  And of course I pair it with my signature dusty rose lip colour, or a bold dark colour!
8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
That’s actually a really good question!  Before today I think I would say the weather, but the rain has totally turned me off of wanting it to get any colder up here.  For now,  I’m really looking forward to my Whistler trip with my friends. Every summer we go away to the interior for our summer vacation, and this year we decided to go up to whistler for a winter vacation!  I love spending time with my friends, it’s probably the highlight of any season, no matter what.
If you read this, I totally tag you to do this tag!  Comment below when you’ve done it so I can check it out!



Winged Eyeliner

It occured to me the other day that I have consistently worn winged eyeliner since 2011. That may not sound like a long time for anyone, but I am definitely not the kind of person that keeps things the same for very long.  I can’t go half a year without moving my furniture around, I am constantly switching my phone background and case, and while one day I’ll order a pumpkin spice latte, the next I’ll order a coffee, black.  So with all of that being said, I’m super impressed with myself for having stuck with something for so long.  (Although I probably still do it because I feel like it took so long to master I would be wasting some serious talent if I stopped)

My wings are usually very thick, and prominent. They aren’t just little flicks, but full on wings.  (You’d think after 4 years of it, I would have pictures, but of course I don’t.) But because I do such thick wings, I go through eyeliner pretty quickly, and since I’ve tried so many different kinds, I thought I’d share them with you!

csm_49102_b59db523a0 urlmaster-precise_pack-shot imgres

Essence Liquid Eyeliner 8/10
This little drugstore gem has recently stolen my heart, and it’s my favorite liquid liner to use!  It comes in a tiny little tube about the size of my thumb, it applies super black, the staying power is amazing, and the best part is that it’s only about $3.  Yeah.  It’s that cheap! Granted, it’s not the easiest to work with, and I have to make sure there isn’t excess product on the applicator before I apply it on my eyes or else it clumps up and gets all over my eyelashes, but once you work out the kinks, it’s an amazing product!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner 6.5/10
This eyeliner has a huge following among the youtube beauty gurus, so I thought I would give it a shot. If you’re a beginner with the winged eyeliner, and you don’t plan to do super heavy wings, I think this one has potential, but with that having said it wasn’t for me.  The things I look for in eyeliner are 1)lasting power 2)ease of application 3)a long life 4)good price.  Stila only checks one of those boxes for me and it’s the ease of application. Because it’s a pen style eyeliner, it’s super easy to apply, and the wings I got with it were always beautiful.  But the lasting power was mediocre, it only lasted me about a month (maybe a month and a half if I skipped using it on weekends) an it costs $26. That’s just not okay.

Maybelline Mater Precise Liquid Eyeliner 6/10
The first that I ever used was the Maybelline Master Precise, and I loved it.  But looking back, this one is extremely similar to the Stila Stay all day, but just with worse lasting power and a lower price.  It retails for about 10$, it wouldn’t last through the day, the product only lasted a month before drying out, but it was fairly easy to use.  As a drugstore eyeliner, it’s good for beginners but there are better ones out there.

Maybelline Line Stilleto liquid eyeliner 9/10
This one has been one of my favorite eyeliners for years, and for obvious reasons.  1) Lasting Power:  With the waterproof version, this bad boy will stick onto your eyes like glue! But will also come off at the end of the night with a makeup remover.  2)Ease of application: This one can be a bit tricky to work with if you’ve never used one like this before, but once you get used to it it’s a great product.  It’s not as easy or effortless as the pen formats (or even the essence product), but it’s not awful.  3)A long life: One tube of this product will last me 6 months.  6 months of drawing thick wings onto my eyes every day, and it lasted that long.  I’m still impressed. 4)Good Price: This one, like all other drugstore eyeliners, retails for about 10$, which is a very decent price, especially knowing that it lasts so long!

If there are any other eyeliners you think I should try out, let me know!


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ps: I once did a black swan makeup look for Halloween with the maybelline  Line Stilleto, check it out! (Be warned, I was in highschool!)


Fall Lippies

I tend to go through phases of what I’m more interested in when it comes to makeup.  I started with eyeliner, then eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.  But let me tell you, when september rolls around, I am always hopping on that Lippies bandwagon trend again.  It’s just such a great time to play around with colours.  And not just dark colours, but bright pinks and nudes too!  A light pink paired with a dark eye?  yes please!

Personally I tend to favour drugstore lip products, mostly because I very often lose lipsticks, but also because I chose variety over brand. Here are some of my favorites!


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout / Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude / Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready / Maybelline Elixir in Rose Redefined / Mac Satin lipstick in Mocha



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Beauty Blender

This pink little sponge is all the friggin rage these days.  And for 26$ (Canadian), it’s ridiculous!  Who in their right mind would spend close to 30$ on a sponge!?  Well with all the hype that it received, I did.  I had a bit of credit with sephora, so I bit the bullet and bought the beauty blender.  And you know what, it’s worth it.  Completely worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 2.31.30 PMI’ve used the typical white little triangle sponges that you can buy in bulk from Walmart, and also the Sonia Kashuk version along with a few others that you could find in the drugstore.  But nope. Nothing compares.  The Beauty Blender is a friggin gold mine, and it’s totally worth 26$.

Why the Beauty Blender?  Simple. My skin looks friggin amazing when I use it.  It also doesn’t soak up product like a little fiend, and it provides beautiful coverage.

I’m sorry.  I tried not to love this dumb little sponge, but I can’t help it.

Have you tried the Beauty Blender? Any Dupes?



What’s in my travel makeup bag – Summer Vacation

So, as previously stated, I’m going on a summer vacation to Osoyoos!  We’re staying at a place that has a dock on the lake and I am so excited!  It’s paradise there. But with that having been said, it’s gonna be freaking hot.  Like 99 degrees fahrenheit hot.  Yeah.  Maybe not. Anyway,  here are my makeup pics for my vacation! Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 6.01.04 PM

Revlon Nearly Naked / Revlon BB Cream / Cover Girl Outlast / Maybelline Baby Skin / Maybelline Age Rewind / Erase Paste / Cover Girl Clump Crusher / Gimme Brow / Stila stay all day liner / Elf Blush in Candid Coral / Physicians Formula Powder Foundation 

I like to keep it fairly minimal, because that’s how I like my makeup.  So it may look a little bit overkill to have 3 foundations.  But, they all have their purposes.  The BB cream for lazy days, Covergirl Outlast for nights out, and Revlon Naked for everything in between.  I also have two under eye concealers because well, I need them.


Monday Pep Talk [2]

This past week was pretty uneventful.  I was tired and sick, stressed, and I felt kind of bleh.  Like I was just floating with no purpose.  I wasn’t working hard, and it really sucked.  But despite all that, I still managed to have a pretty good week.

Things that made this week great:

1. Seeing my friends
Just like last week, I got to spend a fair bit of time with  my friends this week.  I spent time with a group of high school friends a few times, and it was really nice seeing them!  I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

2. Breakfast
Somehow I’ve been really good with eating a good breakfast lately.  Every morning, too!

3. Blogging
I am totally loving this whole blogging thing!  Even though I get less than one comment per post, every time I get a new like, or follower, or comment, it totally makes it all worth it!  I love sitting and writing my blog posts, planning them out, and reading other peoples!

4. Makeup
My makeup routine has been super simple, super quick, and I’ve been loving it!  No frills.  Just eyeliner.

5. Planning my Degree
I’ve found out that at my school I can minor in Legal Studies, which is pretty much what I want to do.  I didn’t know that any school in my vicinity even had a legal studies program, so when I found out that a newer university had one, I had a little crisis.  But thankfully my university has the minor program! I won’t lose any credits, I’ll be able to graduate on time, and from one of the best schools in my Province.

Hope your weeks have been wonderful!