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Nail Rehab.

I’m a huge nail polish person.  I love doing my nails different colours, I love getting my impress press on nails, and I absolutely love getting manicures!  But for a few months now my nails have been brittle and chipping like crazy!  Not just the polish, but the tips of my nails are so unhealthy they’ve ben peeling!  It’s been a real problem lately, so I decided to start a little ‘nail rehab’.


I’m going to go a month without any nail polish or nail applications, and see how it goes!  I want let my nails breath so they can (hopefully!) grow out and return to their once he althy selves! I’m going to make an effort to moisturize my hands, cuticles, and nails on a regular basis, and even look into a special nail oil!  I miss having my long, strong, and classy finger nails so much, and I am willing to wait to get them back!


These were my nails when I was in Mexico, and I was getting so many compliments on them!  100% real, and the french manicure was done by myself.  Definitely an accomplishment in my books!


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Formula X

When I was taking classes downtown, I would go into sephora every few days and paint my nails.  It was nice having such a huge selection of polishes to chose from, without having to pay.  I couldn’t afford to buy nail polishes, and I figured that if anyone had a problem with it, they would tell me.  While I was doing that, I fell completely in love with the Sephora formula X.  This Nail polish is seriously the best formula I’ve ever used!  I cant remember exactly how many days it would last on my fingers, but I remember I would go almost 5 days without any substantial chipping!

The other day when I was with my mom doing some shopping,  we popped in to sephora, and she picked up one of the formula x polishes.  When I first saw the colour she chose, I was ambivalent but I put a few coats on last night and I’m in love!  I feel like it’s the perfect barbie pink!  Even though it’s fall, and the typical nail colour that I gravitate towards is the ox blood/maroon/dark red, but I don’t’ care! I’m in love with this polish!



Freshly Painted nails

Recently I’ve become obsessed with nails.  More specifically, I’ve become obsessed with nail polish, constantly painting them, and making sure that they’re perfect.   I used to be the kind of person who painted my nails maybe once a week, and then let them chip off, but recently that hasn’t been working out for me.


I’ve gotten into the habit of painting my nails ever few days, or however often I feel like I need to redo them.  Having freshly manicured nails, and looking down at them while typing really just calms me and makes me feel more pampered and put together!

Before, I thought that I never had time to repaint my nails.  That I wouldn’t be able to do anything while waiting for them to dry, but I’ve found that it really doesn’t take that long.  Between taking old nail polish, doing two coats, and then a top coat, it only takes about 15 minutes.  You know what 15 minutes is perfect for?  Taking a study break.  I like to have my nails drying while watching a few youtube videos.

Any great drugstore polishes I should check out for the season?


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