Student Hack – Late Night Makeup Remover

As a student I find myself sitting at my desk until 3am finishing assignments or cramming for exams, and one thing that I really don’t want to deal with at 3am is taking off my makeup. I like taking off my makeup earlier on because I tend to scratch and rub and just touch my face a lot when I’m working, and makeup gets in the way. But of course whenever I think I should take my makeup off, I’m in a super deep flow of concentration, so I put it off, because I don’t like getting up and disrupting the flow.  And bioderma is my solution to this problem.


Image from Cynthia Lions, found through pinterest



Necessities : Toiletries

As much as I wish I could just wipe off all of my makeup before bed, then curl up under the covers, I make myself take care of my skin, and my hair, because when I do, I feel better.  And who doesn’t like feeling great?   While I do have a huge assortment of moisturizers and face washes, I feel like I’ve narrowed down my favorites and have a pretty good routine down. While deciding what to pack for my week long trip to Osoyoos, I really realized what I consider to be necessities.  So here they are!

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.15.44 AM


Nourishing Oil / Clinique Clarifying Lotion / Morning Burst hydrating gel / Morning Burst Hydrating Cleanser / Ocean Salt / Crest 3d white / Dove Go Sleeveless / Venus Razor / Morocco Oil / Olay Night of Olay moisturizer / Rose Jam (Discontinued)


What are your toiletries necessities?